a glimpse of the soul

Portraits of women, yoga and the equine soul

For the last decade, every spring and summer finds me photographing for Cowgirl Yoga Retreats. My job is to capture portraits of women, yoga and beautiful horses. IT’s a tough job… smiles! Actually, it’s not tough at all because I have always admired women, I relate naturally to horses and I am fascinated by the equine soul. Such amazing subjects. We have excellent horses and patient and skilled wranglers in Molly and Henry Glenn. I could not capture these photos without them. Also most important to the team is the cowgirl yogini herself, the renegade fashionista, my personal art director, fashion advisor, creator and founder of Big Sky Yoga Retreats, and partner in crime Margaret Burns Vap.

Each year, one of the beautiful venues for the retreats is the scenic BBar Ranch. Here’s a little video slide show of some of last year’s images. I hope you enjoy the view!

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