Portraits and Beauty

Beautiful Brett, a friend and client of 13 years, called a few weeks back and was looking to freshen up her modeling portfolio photos. After many emails back and forth, and a couple of phone calls we made a plan and put the project into motion. She and her husband Sean came over to the studio on a Saturday and we had a great time burning up 4 solid hours of work. It was the best studio workout I’ve had recently and I loved every minute of it!

Every photo shoot is a process. Lighting, looking, seeing and working with my subject. Things changing moment by moment until I feel it and see it coming together. Then, I find the solution to the often complex equation of photography technique, lighting and personal interaction and reaction. At last! The veil thins, the magic of looking, seeing, feeling and capturing something special. I love it. I love the process of seeking and the finding.

After many months of outdoor weddings, engagement photos and surprise proposals in Yellowstone and around Montana it was great to get back into the studio and tap into my years of studio work.

I’m looking forward to more shoots like this in 2021. smiles… Larry

Brett 13 years ago. Beautiful then, beautiful now!
Brett and Sean, quite the handsome couple!

I grabbed this nice shot of Brett and hers husband Sean when we were wrapping up. Sean was a great asset during the shoot and no foreigner to the camera. Thanks Sean!

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