Cowgirl Yoga goes fly fishing!

Well, it was just the normal ‘run of the mill’ photo shoot with Margaret Burns Vap of Cowgirl Yoga Retreats.  This year she is offering a new retreat…  yoga and fly fishing!  Which will feature the lady fishing guys at Gallatin River Guides in Big Sky, Montana.  I’ve been kind of cooped up this winter after some knee fix’n!  So, it seems frivolity shown over our work making some photos to advertise the new retreat.   Do a fly moodra , have a Budda belly laugh  or give a piggy back ride to the guy in the waders… it’s all good.

Later Margaret stopped traffic on the highway to get a look at the big horn sheep along side of the road. It was a ‘ballsy’ move with truckers coming to a stop behind us.  She tossed her iPhone at me and said “get me a picture”.  So, I did!  Enjoy the pics and come join us this summer for a cowgirl yoga retreat you will never forget!  You might get hooked!  snicker…


‘ballsy’ indeed!


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