A lighting workshop by Larry Stanley

 ‘Lumens for Humans’ is an introductory lighting 101 class for aspiring photographers. It is a hands-on, experiential workshop, held in studio and focused on flash photography and visual exploration. We will work with an experienced model along with hair, makeup, and clothing changes, the goal being to identify a vision and bring it to life through your creative and technical process through the use of light.

Often I hear “Oh, that’s great light!” But what happens when the light is not great? Come learn how to find and make “great light.” Learning to light a subject in studio will equip you with a better ability to recognize and capture light as it occurs in the natural world.

Lumens for Humans 101:  $125  (Maximum class size is eight photographers)
Date:   Wednesday June 26th, 2019
Time:  6:00 to 9:00 pm 
Location:  Shane Lalani Center for the Arts in Livingston, Montana                     


Please bring your Equipment:

1. DSLR camera with hot shoe flash connection
2. 50 mm lens or longer, 70 mm to 100mm is preferable
3. memory card (cleared off and ready to shoot)
4. camera battery (fully charged)
5. camera manual (especially if you are not confident with using manual mode)

Join me for an evening of fun, lighting, and visual discovery.  This is the first in a series of photography workshops to sharpen your skills and jump-start your vision.

To reserve your spot, please call or email.
Payment due June 19th, 2019 by cash, check or credit card.

   (406) 222-0900  

            *Larry Stanley is president and primary photographer of Montana Wedding  Photographer, Inc. A student of photography since a child and a working  professional for over 35 years, Larry has a broad range of experience including, food, commercial, aerial, advertising, people and weddings.

Our model

I’m pleased to welcome Whitney Bodle to the workshop. She will be our model for this evening of photography. Exploring… Lumens for Humans!

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