Portraits of yogini

“LUXE behind the lens” a glimpse of Cowgirl Yoga portrait sessions

From the first weekend in June until the last weekend of September I make personal portraits for the attendees at Big Sky Yoga Retreats .   Primarily the retreats are held at the Double T River Ranch in Clyde Park and the B Bar Ranch in Tom Miner Basin.

Cowgirl Yoga and Big Sky Yoga Retreats is the creation of accomplished yogini, visionary yoga instructor, entrepreneur and friend, Margaret Burn Vap.  Most notably Margaret is the creator of Cowgirls versus Cancer which is a yoga retreat that is gifted to nominated breast cancer survivors which I am honored to have been involved with for 5 or 6 years now.

In the attached video slideshow, you will see the faces of many amazing women that I have had the pleasure of photographing during the last year.  The light, the feel, the texture, the motion and the vibrance of these souls always inspires me.  So here is a glimpse from behind the lens of my camera.   When I look through my camera with love in my heart, God shows me things that move me deeply. It makes my soul happy.  And… that is what life is all about!    Larry


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