Yellowstone Hot Springs

advertising photography – turned ‘photo art’

Recently, I was hired to photograph the newly opened Yellowstone Hot Springs in Corwin Springs, Montana on the northern border of Yellowstone National Park. They were seeking winter images for their advertising use, and that’s exactly what they got! The first day I went just to visually explore the place. It was a gorgeous day with blue sky and snow covered mountains made for some colorful images of the pools. The next planned visit was to be after a snowfall. Well, we didn’t have to wait too long. A few days later, I got the call saying that snow was falling and made plans to make the drive early in the morning to get the pristine covering. Well, it really snowed and it was still snowing heavily throughout the Paradise Valley which made for a hair raising slippery 35 mph drive the whole way. So much so, that when I finally arrived it was hard to determine exactly where the road bends into the facility. Next thing I knew, I was off the road and stuck in deep snow about 50 yards from the pools. So… I left the car and went right to work capturing the most amazing winter wonderland view of this beautiful place. Fortunately, the gentleman that plows the roads came to my rescue and pulled my car back onto the road so I could head back to Livingston after the shoot.

So you might say this was ‘advertising photography turned photo art‘ of sorts! So much fun!!! Enjoy the view and make a day to venture down to Corwin Springs to enjoy this marvelous new hot springs.

Yellowstone Hot Springs is closed to prevent the further spread of virus infection. It will reopen April 10th!

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