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Yellowstone River + Yoga

Yellowstone River in spring + Yoga There is nothing more powerful than spending time by the swollen Yellowstone River flowing at  over 13,000 cubic feet per second!  Yeah, think about how much water that is rushing by.  Standing on the bank you can tangibly feel the power of that volume of water flowing by.  This […]

Photo Workshop for aspiring professionals

Montana Photo Workshops with Larry Stanley In April of 2011 I worked with 6  aspiring photographers at the Double T Ranch  in Clyde Park.  It was a creative and technical workshop for aspiring professionals and serious students of photography.  Somewhat a boot camp with lot’s exploration, shooting assignments, critique and sharing.   We had two great […]

Fashion in Paradise Valley

Shooting fashion in Paradise Valley in the early spring can be a brisk and DRAMATICALY beautiful endeavor.  The Paradise Valley rarely disappoints … and it was true to form on this day! My friend and most excellent fashion photographer Brittany Smith asked if I would join her and the talented Dennis Rogers to help with […]

Cowgirl Yogatography

Cowgirl Yogatography Retreat is coming up again in September and this is by far one my favorite events. I get to step away from my busy summer schedule of wedding photography and take some time to teach others about how to get more enjoyment with image making. We start the first morning with a vigorous […]

Katie Over Cancer

Just over a year ago I started a photo project with Katie Mazurek.  Here’s how it all started. Life authentic – facing diagnosis February,  2016 For some time now, I have been contemplating the value of authenticity in my life and in my passion of image making. Living this great gift of life with cognizance, […]

Yoga and Tea

I photographed with Margaret Burn Vap of Big Sky Yoga Retreats this week.  The images are for her next informational blog post on the subject of Yoga for when you have a cold and the benefits of excellent quality tea to comfort and heal.   Maria Uspenski is owner and founder of THE TEA SPOT and […]