Fashion and portrait

Oh, so what is this, a ‘fashion’ shoot or portrait session? The answer is both. When I was a young photographer I did a couple of years photo assisting for Lands End, LL Bean and even General Motors. I learned a lot from some very talented and versatile photographers. We ran around shooting for 7 to 10 days at various locations, morning, noon and sometimes into the evening. It was a lot of fun! Something rubbed off on my ever growing sense of photographic style and related shooting habits. It’s a feeling of ‘happening’, of ‘happiness’ and looking for those momentary ‘one off’ experiences of life.

This 50 minute adventure with Toby, a quiet young man with an amazing maturity in front of the camera was full of exploration. With the sun setting quickly into the gathering clouds, the session was highlighted by the frolicking antics of the family dogs. They liked that fact that I had Toby walking quickly toward the camera. All it took was some loud whistles and shouts and the dogs stopped, seemingly posing on command. After that, I said “that’s a wrap” because I new we had it in the bag. It was the shot that I was looking for. I love my job!

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